Christmas Book Sales

Christmas Book Sales

The summer is over; the leaves are turning; the weather is drawing in. Winter and it’s colder weather beckons.


But, it isn’t all doom and gloom for us Romance Writers, not at all! We are coming up to our busiest season for sales – the Christmas/ Winter holiday season when lots of people around the world have time off from work, and want some escapism from the reality of the grim weather, also perhaps their own romantic situations, so we authors have a lot to look forward to.

As the weather draws in and grows cooler, we all spend more time snuggled up indoors with our favourite hobbies, and this time is when romance readers really hit their stride. They often say it in the business that the average romance reader will buy and read 2 books a week, which is absolute gold for us as writers. Sales for romance books and novellas really pick up at this time of year after a slow summer period when everyone was out and about, enjoying the lovely weather. So, autumn is a great time to look at your marketing strategy for the holidays, and get planning your books and publishing schedule for the coming new year.

You will need to work out through trial and error what works best for you- Facebook ads, social media campaigns, or paying influencers to promote your books so they better stand out from the crowd. Amazon ads are of course now pretty ubiquitous, so if you haven’t looked into that, I’d suggest you do so before we get close to the all important Thanksgiving / Christmas time.

Autumn is also a great time to knuckle down and get writing content, without the distraction of sunny days, lounging around in the garden, and picnics out and about with friends. Now, I’m not suggesting any of us hole up with our laptops and avoid the delights of the season at all, but it is also wise to plan your year according to the seasons a little, particularly if you find yourself sensitive to the weather.

I LOVE warm weather and can’t bear to spend too much time inside when it’s hot outdoors, so for me autumn and winter are when I stay inside a lot more and get the bulk of my writing done. Then I can edit/shape and publish through the rest of the year, with a heavier emphasis on publishing regularly through until about March.

The worst bits about Autumn and Winter for me are the weather and the darkness, so when the rain falls, lighting a candle, putting a blanket over my knee and get writing with a cup of something warming is a great way to stay cosy and work on my business as well. So get writing, and you will be well on the way to making a few extra quid to pay for Christmas!

I enjoy knowing I have written enough in the run up to Christmas that I can take a few days off to relax, do a little late Christmas shopping, and take my time wrapping gifts and preparing food for the big day itself. And I always fit in reading a couple of romance novels myself, of course!